Sunday, August 9, 2009


Finally,his 1 week holiday ended. Time flies huh? The days with him dashed away like minutes. It's so damm fast!
He is going back today. One week is not enough! There are so many things we haven't do together..

** Kites.
** back pack travel.
** Jungle tracking.
** Tropical fruit farm.
** print our couple shirt.
** talk under the moonlight.
** many many many more....

We have a few dates together,not luxurious dates but simple dates for just two of us.

We went to jucso's popular to buy some stationary and books on Tuesday. We met sherlyn and her Wayne. She's is pretty and cute! =)

Wednesday,Secret recipe~

wuu~ We love cheese!
I'm full!!

So,I decided to take pictures~ kacau him.. ><

I love this pic!! I love him. =)
Finally we finished them.
The lagsanae was delicious! And the cakes were so nice! But too 腻,wanna vomit d. ><

Here's the kacau kacau pictures~ XD
This ends our day.

The next day,he made me a appetizer. I should call this vege-chicken-ham-rolls.
He says this dish same like 5 stars restaurant dish. ><
see the love? hehe..

He is going back after a few hours. ='(
study hard together.
take care yourself.
have your meal on time.
Don't kacau when studying.
I'll be more hardworking.

I you.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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