Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm home..
I went back home after school for 2 days in this week.
and nearly late to school on the next day. =.=
suddenly I'm missing my home very much when I'm at my hostel.

one night, I phoned my mum.
"mummy ar,where are you? you went back home ady?"
"ya,I'm in kulim now,why?"
"nola,I taught you're still at prai,I want to go home.."
"why? What happened?"
My tears gonna rush out.."nola,nothing"
"you say la,why?"
calm down girl..calm down.."nothing la,saja want to go home."
"okla,I went back home early today,because ..bla...bla....."
holding hard on my tears.."okok,I'll phone you again if I want to go home.."
"bye bye"
"bye bye"

I feel stress..
stress in school,stress in hostel.
everyone's studying
doing maths

I'm not that happy in class anymore.
I used to eager to go school,
talk and play around in class.
but it's different now.
I just cant get use to the environment now.
I feel I'm a stranger.
I feel uncomfortable..
sometimes it's ok,sometimes it's not.
I'm getting use to it.

I learnt that we should not chip in other ppl's matters.
people don't wanna tell you
so you don't have to ask
its better for you to know less.

I asked a friend,
"what is friend?"
"friend is someone who will talk to you with coarse words."
"friend is someone who will tell you what have you done wrong."
"friend is someone who can share secrets together."
"friend is someone who will forgive you when you're wrong."
"friend is someone who will think of you when there are something good."
"friend is someone who will sms you when they're bored."
"friend is someone who will ask you out whenever they want."

last time,
when people ask me
lover or friend,which is more important
I'll answer "it depends,look at the situation."
I'll say lover is more important.
he will stay beside you everytime,
no matter you want or don't want.
he will listen to you to brag about everything,
no matter happy,sad or angry.
he will tell the truth to you,
no matter you can stand it or not.
he want you to be yourself,
no matter how ugly or stupid you act.
he will accept everything of you,
and commenting on what you done,
no matter you're right or wrong.

but i still have important friends that I care.
the one in tarc.
the one in utar.
those in mmu,form6,tarc,inti and overseas.
although we didn't contact much,
but I know our friendship would not fade.
I miss you.


xoxo Jen xoxo


Unknown said...

be tough girl
love is definitely more important..hehe

ChiaChi said...

dun worry, smtms i feel stress too.. however, the feeling of stress will not last forever..
so, cheer up!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

i also miss u all...
miss our f5 life....

take care....