Sunday, April 19, 2009


in previous article,
I said that lover is more important than friends.
there are few people saying friends are more important,
with the reasons..
when you are sad with your mate,
you will find and cry to your friend.
friend will will not leave you as like your mate will break up with you.
friend will console you when you are in trouble.
it's kinda true.

but when I'm sad with him,
I will find out the reason and tell him what I really feel,
he will listen to me and tell me his feelings too,
then we will be fine again.

sometimes friends just can't accept your true comments on them,
they said nevermind but they care in their heart.

friend will leave you one day,
I had 2 best friends in primary school,
but we didn't contact each other since we're in different high.
I had a best friend while I'm in lower form,
but we are like schoolmate and smile.
so,who says friend will not leave?(dispite of true friend)

or maybe I'm not well in communicating and holding on a friendship.
friend will console you when you are in trouble,
but your mate will grab your hand,
and go through your trouble with you.

I'm statisfied right now.
I have my family,
I have my Teddy Lean,
I have my true best friend,
right now

I miss my 4everS9
I miss my 5S5
I miss girl guide life
I miss my lower six

but in life,
we have to look forward.
everthing will change.
and this is my lovely U6B1.

what a pointless ending.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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Maggie Wong said...

u've ur own point honestly...great that reading ur article~ hehe...
always be urself~! ^^