Sunday, April 12, 2009


3rd April.
someone went out dating with someone.
since it was raining and I'm alone in hostel,
I decided to go over to wy house.
then I knew wy is going out with her friends,
and she invited me to follow them.
so I did.

My lovely best buddy,my ahmi

Cutie WanThing
we went to a korean restaurant in AEON.
the vanila ice cream I ordered

Sesame balls
Seafood pancake

After our dinner,we walked for a while
then we went to Sri Rambai 大排挡 to seee 'someone'
quite disappointing.

Thanks you all for letting me follow,
thanks ahmi for accompany me,
thanks for your advises and console too.

the facesss of mine if I have double eye lid. (双眼皮)

totally different..

xoxo Jen xoxo

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