Saturday, February 6, 2010

jobless again

well,I'm here to talk about my job being a replacement teacher. I get the job unexpectedly on one Thursday night and went to work on the next day morning. The problem is, I don't have any formal clothes! so I wore my mum's clothes to school on Friday morning, very sweat huh.

1st day of school.
meet ws's mum then find PK1 and write my name,telephone then record my presence and my teaching day is started. Find my place then take my time table and straight away go into the class. My 1st lesson was very very very blur, LOL.

2nd day of school.
There is assembly on every Monday, so followed other teachers and sit on the stage, for the very first time.

subsequent days of school.
everyday was almost the same for me like i posted on the previous previous post. There are little something happened and also some students fighting in class. Of course there were some students who cry after arguing or fighting. zzzzzz.

the last day of my teaching. I received some cards and presents. =)

cards from a boy 帝麟, girls 嬑锜,昕湄,嘉宣,佩佩&翠丽

candle and pens given by 2 cute girls 庆慈&佳莹

handmade stars given by 子碹, a very nice girl

pens given by a prefect 靖縈

thanks to them.. =)

hmm,let me recall. A class says my ghost stories are not scary and another class tells me ghost stories. LOL. Well, I really learnt something for these few weeks, thanks to the teachers who helped me and taught me how to handle the students. I might go apply for this job again in the future. =D

Now? Relax at home and tidy up the house for CNY! woohooo~

xoxo Jen xoxo

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