Thursday, November 26, 2009


hello peps..
I taking 5 days break from one of the hardest exam in the world,so called STPM.
There are 4 more subjects to go...

Thanks waynie for the bithday post specially for me,I appreciate it!!!

It's raining almost everyday recently.
And my dad's orchids are flowering all together!
so I think orchid is a short day plant,
the phytochrome Pfr accumulates during rainy days and stimulate the hormone florigen to initiate flowering!
and Tadaaaaa,all the orchids are so nice!

p/s,ignore me please,too much Biology.. XD

Here's the pictures~

Notice the buds..

These 2 are going to wilt but there are 2 new flowers soon~

pinkish orchid,I love this most,but the picture is not well taken.. =(

Here comes the ke-le-feh...
appeared in here before already..
The roses!

I wonder why it flowers couple by couple..
Oh,its ROSES what..haha

And lastly,the corn...I wanna eat it soonnnn!

ok,done with my post...
going to date with my maths paper2..
hope I can get minimum 3As.......
let my future be as bright as the sky...

xoxo Jen xoxo

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