Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday went for a movie with my ahmi waynie,together with her brothers.We watched TRANSFORMER!!! It's a super super nice movie! It's so worth to watch! 2 and a half hours,normally I'll feel bored and move my eyes away from the screen during fighting scene but not for this! not for TRANSFORMER! I just can't even blink my eyes,not to say move my eyes away from the screen.OMG! It's just so nice!

Ok well,after the movie,we were freaking freezing and trembling until we went in to car park. ==
Thanks to waynie's bro,for the movie,as he insisted to pay for me. And also her dad for the durians.I was so full.Her family is so kind. =)

stupiak pichass in the car~~~

I ya, Waynie!

LOL! feel so shy..

xoxo Jen xoxo

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