Sunday, June 28, 2009

whats up!

I'm in blogging mood now but I don't have any idea on what to blog about.My life is the same for days or even for see,I'm stucked in JSHS for the 7 years! Everything is about the same,schooling,tuitioning and cutting our hair.

But then,there are some changes in lower6 and the following form6 students.They have house practises beginning next month but for 1 month.They have 5 games to complete in every house practise day for 1 and a half hours.and then there where some sort of sukan tara or competition for them.I think the games are maybe basketball kind of games.It's quite fun I think,playing and competing among the same form school mates that knew each other at least 5 years.But kinda sien too lar because have to stayback after school for house practises.

We are so fortunate to born in year 1990.We are the 1st batch uses english for science and mathematics for PMR and SPM,last batch of form6 of having classes until 1.20pm,oh ya,and our age are easy to count.Still have other more reasons that I called that we are lucky 1990 babies. ><

ok then,about the H1N1.There was a Menteri called that selesema babi,and a reporter too.I'm not clear about this whole thing,but according to Mr Goay,the menteri gave a reason that the word H1N1 might confuse 'their people' that they will so stupidly pronounce H1N1 as HINI.What a excuse that he gave.Does 'their people' so ignorant that they can't even read the word H1N1?! Even a kindergarden kid saying H1N1 here and there.What a joke of our country. ==

Talking about this,I think of our PA(pengajian am) exam paper.Just like what Mr Goay said,our paper2 have some standard for the globalisasi and other question,not like paper1,abit zzz...What the hell is Perkara 6,PP or Perlara 9,PP?? We are not studying law you know? And who knows about PPSMI,CEUPACS,COLA or KPI?! oh yea,coca-cola I know.Don't you know that you should write the full name first and put the short forms in brackets? We students also know about that when we write essay,yet you are the KETUA PANITIA,even worse.About the calculation,LOL,I have nothing to say.Mr Goay asked us to accept it and count our marks again to see where we stand.(by throwing all those xx questions) So what I can say is,this is the worst school exam paper1 by a KETUA I did before.

ok,end of my venting of dissatisfaction.and I have accepted my paper1 result.

ohya ohya..

I really really really want to watch Transformer.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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