Thursday, June 4, 2009

rat dissection

Okay,here we are. I'm not in blogging mood right now so let's just let the pichas speak.
p/s:those pics with words "sugarglory" are courtecy of elaine.

I think our MrKTS is talking to the mickey.
all the DEAD mickeys.
yea,here comes the skinning part.
Jessie's doing her work
My mickey,unfortunately all of it's organs were rotten.
See?? the greyish thg is actually the livers.
someone's rat.
dark red=livers. underneath it was the stomach. and intestines curled all around
closed up.
lower part.
see the curly thingy? its the vesicula seminalis if I'm not mistaken,just found in male rats.
the stomach,intestine,duodenum,rectum and etc.
kidneys. the rib cages and the diaphragm high up. I think this rat actually breathe all its last breath out.
livers,who wanna eat?
sliced kidney.
baby rats!
the placenta and umbilical cord still connected on.
just like humans baby.soaked in formalin.
plan view
here's our MrKTS,showing us how to do everything.
and guess who's behind?
Last but not least.
The male reproductive organ.
note the proportion of the testes and the penis.

We are all very calm and easy when doing this dissection all day long.Something happens in the middle of this,that is our miss lolo Irene was taking off her gloves and she accidentally knocked down the beaker containing kidneys with formalin.The very unlucky part was HuiLing was walking pass or maybe standing there and then gone her pants and her favourite nike shoes.

Another thing was our MrKTS cut off the rat's head so cruely and take out it's brain.eewwww..and so we all decided to skip that process and go home..wweeee...All of us can't wait to have a nice bath but still the smells are following us. = =

gonna do this dissection formally and seriously on 17th June in 3 periods time.Bless me!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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vivi said...

ohhhh myyy goodnessss!! those rats! for the name of science! hahaha.