Friday, June 5, 2009


I have finished 'Twilight' in a day,to be exact,I finished the novel in 12 hours.It's nice to read and you just can't get your hands and eyes off from the book.I'm waiting to read New Moon. =D

huhu..Morning went for lower 6 orientation,it's tiring because we had water war.Not war with lower 6 junior but with our upper 6 friends.Everyone's wet,can't find a part of us is dry.LOL.It's quite fun actually,hhmmm.

After that went to penang,just walk around in gurney but didn't shop much as my eyes are not comfortable and can't see things well,it's just so sad.aihh.

We were caught in traffic jam and some 'big energy people' passing through like they are ambulance or in emergency even made the jam worse.There,this is Malaysia.And so me and wy slept in the car leaving my Teddy to drive alone,and he was frustrated and pek cek at the moment even though he didn't say out.I'm sorry.. =(

going to penang again tomorrow,with Teddy and his family.I hope it will be fun tomorrow. =D

My beloved bestie,muakkss!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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