Saturday, May 16, 2009

slim n pretty?

every girl wanna be slim and pretty,
included me.

once I saw a blog,
the guy wrote that fat girls aren't healthy,
that's why they are fat.
That means I'm not healthy enough.

healthy diet?
I'm having breakfast and lunch in school,
obviously,there is no healthy food there.
dinner out,
but I still eat some fruits.
I once tried to have apple for my meal,
after a week it really works,
but when menstrual.....
stomach pain like hell.
so I'm not going to skip or replace any meal with apple.

I don't have time to do it,
yea its a excuse.
I don't have accompanion,
a good excuse.
but its true,
it's dangerous out there,
everyday snatch theft,kidnap,rapeee..
I not dare to go jogging alone.. @@

like this how am I going to be slim?!
I don't have the motivation also,
since my Teddy Lean says he don't care.
(because he is fat too... >< )

nope,I don't have them.
I'm too fat to be confident on myself.

ok fine.
I wanna be slim and pretty for what?
people that only good with you if you are slim and pretty are not real friend,
people that don't even greet or look at you becaue your face are ugly and 带衰 are not real friend,
people that laugh at you in front or behind you because of your fat body are not real friend either.

I have my real friends who say I'm not really fat,
I have my real friends who encourage me to diet,
I have my real friends who wanna diet together with me,
and I have my boy friend that love me no matter how fat am I.

*all these are excuses again.  = =

I still wanna be slim,
just that I don't have the motivation,
so guyss...
don't tell me I'm not fat,
tell me I'm fat and ask me to exercise more k!

ohya I remembered,
my 4everS9 friends call me 'dua bui Jen'
now I have my motivation.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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