Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm here to write about our girl's bday.
Let me present our girl...
miss lolo~~~~~

Ok~ let the story begins.
on 2nd of May we all have tuition,
so we decided to have a surprise celebration for her,
abd so,we did it at tuition.
Someone gonna cry~

Those who attend::

and this were our tables in class,all empty~

Ok,next was our girls' celebration.
Let me introduce~
my beloved Irene n me
Happy family~

On 5th May,
WY n me celebrated with Irene,
She was late as our Mr Na treated her rojak and cucuk for her bday.
and so we waited until 3something.
Tiramisu cake~ yumyum
How beautiful!!! =D

The spagheti~

We ate the cake with our spoon.. XD

and then,we gave her the presents.
total I think is 5 or 6 items for her.
I hope she likes it!!
our happy bday girl~

On the next day,
we went for a movie at Sunway Carnival,
Fast n Furious 4,
nice movie tho.

We had a happy day together,
with tired legs,
The End
with my monkey face~

I L♥VE you guys!!!


xoxo Jen xoxo

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