Sunday, March 15, 2009

Backpack travel

One day,
I want to go to travel with my Teddy Lean
by bus,without much luggage but just backpack.
we will bring some clothes,bottles,few cash money and a credit card
and of course the destinations are within Malaysia.
from north until south.

I'm looking forward for the day to come.

as for now,
I'm looking for maps of penang,
interesting places and also rapid bus in penang.
next week we're going to travel like foreign travellers we saw in penang,almost everyday.
couples walking together down the streets in penang.

we can get everything through search engine.
how wonderful is the internet!

one day is for shopping
another day is for travelling.
thinking to take shuttle bus around penang
get down from the bus when see some interesting places we never been before

I hate to wait for the bus leh.
afraid of missed bus.

I hope my plannings are fine.
I want to take the bus and travel around with my laopo Teddy.
it must be a great experience without driving.
*buutt..can drive to shopping ma?*

xoxo Jen xoxo

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