Tuesday, March 17, 2009


don't need to go to school..
feel so stress and hardly breath in the class
just so unnatural.
at home,I can be myself..
facing the pc and look at it whole day.

ok..let the photos tell the stories.

Yesteday I saw this accident,
at the junction of kota permai.
saw the door of the green car?
I not sure it is myvi or viva.
I taught is myvi but my dad says it is viva.
the car terbalik 90°
there were ppl in the car at that moment.
wwwooooo,I wonder how to move the car.

Next,I saw this 'hornet' thing in my garden
it was huge,bigger than a 50cents coin.
at the moment I saw it,it was carrying a dead spider.
should say dead brown tarantula. Yuckss!

one thursday night in my hostel
we are so free that we played card games
and then I suggested that we draw a card each and punish the smallest number's
by beating his/her hand.
This is the results.

The playerss...

another animal found at my house.
I don't know what this thing call
but my dad says the baby of this 'chicken' was used to 'rendam' in alcohol
and people likes to drink it.

sushi king was hiring~
and I think this grasshopper was interested.
unfortunately,one of it hind leg was gone.
God bless you~

I'm promoting tupperware
I ♥ these bottles so much
who want to buy tupperware products can order from me!
have member price o,lots cheaper..

I gonna use the blue one and Teddy Lean you use pink har!

That's all those photos say~~

xoxo Jen xoxo


❤Qun❤ said...

i saw that accident too
the car was avanza actually..
and the other one was myvi lor
myvi also very gai,tayar 'fly' out
god bless them

Unknown said...

the terbalik car wor...
avanza meh??
i tot myvi

Edi said...

i also gt c that accident...
the green car looks AMAZING...==
myvi de tayar whole fly out...

vvc said...

i wan the bottles too !!!! =P