Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SE phone~

I'm now using this white W580i for 1 year and 2 months

I ❤ this phone very much
but I regret I bought it too early before the pink colour version is out
I think pink is nicer
because my white phone now looks abit yellowish

This is the pink one~~
girls will ❤ this

this black one is the nicest if u don't like pink
buy the W logo with blue colour,
not orange colour.
when the colours botton light up
it is really nice!
nicer than white one

if u're using this phone
don't use the 'ok' on the left colour botton
use the center 1.
because the botton will spoil more easily compare to the center 1.
for joystick SE phone,
don't use the joystick but use the left 'ok' botton
not the joystick ok~

and charge your phone when it is almost empty or empty
don't charge it whenever u like
this will cause ur battery to exhausted easily

and the most important is,
don't drop ur phone!
drop it and spoil it if u have money to get a new phone
take care of ur phone la.

for me,
3G is not compulsary
because we have internet now,
msn, skype ....
webcam can do the job.

feel so bored so post this lame thg up.
gila mia me..

waynie bought the camera I wan lar...
envy her!!!!
sony skinnyT
i wan~~

guess who..

xoxo Jen xoxo

1 comment :

Waynie said...

i gonna fainted after reading ur LAME article...hahaha...
don envy meeeeee
i have 2 pay for it with my angpao duit my feb pocket money= =
it's ok la...sure can take photo 2gether when go out.i like ur fon too.the camera is clear enouf.
mine one blur blur & buu buu..haha
so have 2 replace the camera function with skinny t= =
wait for me.c u next week..XD