Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy chinese niu year~~

didn't online for 2 weeks already.
whole CNY so busy
go here go there~

my relatives from KL came to stay at my house
have dinner together with dad's side relatives
my 2 little cousins~

went to grandma house for praying and lunch
then went to temple at machang bubok there
after that my Teddy came to fetch me and went to his relatives' open house
pick up winson also
collected many ang pau that night~
and play cards with Teddy's frens
he losed abt RM20

stay at home whole day
then went to mum's side relative house for dinner
very nice dinner together
laugh alots
play cards together
play with my cousin's dogs
very happy~

stay at home whole day
help mum to prepare for tonight dinner for our relatives
cousin and uncle birthday today
so celebrate their bday at noon
many relatives come over to our house
whole day also very 热闹
eat spagheti for lunch and steamboat for dinner
chat v my cousins
very happy too~
my brave little cousin

drove to GG gathering at pizza hut
eating and chit chatting
listening to their kolej life
so nice lar~
then went to jusco and walk for a while
and meet Teddy them
met peiyin weitee and joonee
huiyo,so pretty lar them!

then we start our 拜年团
1st station Alex house then KeeSheng house
followed by my house
and then Juru~
winson's dog..
very very cute lar!!
I want one~~~~~~~

played mahjong..
but didn't win~

went to wanchin house and the guys come to meet us
played cards in her room and lose my money to keesheng
then went to xinyong house and vivian house
vivian house was big and nice!!
then we headed to teikkhim house for steamboat
very funny lar,
all like hungry ghost waiting for the steamboat to boil
then play cards again and I win back my money~
after that went to siewthing house for a while
then hooi and winson house again
play cards and mahjong
i win this time!
we ate 鸭蛋炒果条 for our dinner
last station--my house.

went to penang to my relatives house
then ruch back for tuition but the tuition cancelled
so I follow my classmate to our cute BIO teacher,Mr KTS house
so many ppl went to his house
when we reach,
a group of ppl going back
1 minute later the group elder then us 1 year came
so we went inside a room to play cards while the other group chat v KTS

after they back
we chat v KTS and played cards after that
very very funny and enjoy lar
our great teacher,Mr KTS

everyone's hands have been beaten until red in colour
but our lucky teacher didn't get the smallest card
he beat very hard,no give face one~

that unlucky teikkhim always kena 10 or 20 times per person!

08/09 bio class + Mr KTS and his wife

I collected more ang pau than last year
and busier and happeir CNY holiday this year!
hope this year will be good for me!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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