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Penang inexpensive Western Food - James Foo & family Western Food Restaurant

* photo taken from James Foo's facebook page.
James Foo, as known to many in Penang, is a very affordable western cuisine restaurant. Many chooses to come here for a meal while catching up with each other's life. It is also suitable for family, couple, students, in fact, for everyone.

It is always crowded during the dining hour even until supper time, you might need to wait for a while to be seated but not too long as the capacity is quite big. It was almost fully occupied when I was there. Although it is packed with diners, but the environment is quite suitable for youngsters like us to have a gathering there.

* courtesy of James Foo Facebook page.

My boyfriend told me that the menus for lunch and dinner are different, so here's the menu for food during dinner time (I went twice for dinner). 

and for drinks:
There are normal and jumbo size for drinks, as for jumbo size, it is a huge mug that can be shared among 2 to 3 person.
Lime juice RM1.80

 Fresh mushroom soup RM3

Potato salad RM2.50

There are quite an amount of huge mushroom slices found in the soup, while the portion potato salad is unexpectedly large. I like both of them as I'm a fan of mushroom soup and POTATOES! Definitely must order as "starter". However, if you dislike onion, then don't order the potato salad.

 Spring Roll RM3.50 each
Spring roll is prepared and sold at the little stall near the entrance of the restaurant, we ate them while we are waiting for our meal to be served. Minimum order: 2.

Chicken chop RM8.50

Grilled garlic chicken RM8.50

Holland chicken RM10.50

Chicken gordon bleu RM11

Grilled chicken & pork chop combo RM11

 Grilled garlic fish RM9.50

Stuffed fish RM11

From the photos above, you can see that the portion of each order is quite large, especially the combo. The gravy are basically the same except that grilled garlic chicken and fish has additional garlic in the gravy. Stuffed fish is actually fish version of chicken gordon bleu, which there are huge amount of ham and cheese in the them. However, the cheese is american cheese (cheese slices that are smooth and creamy) while I would prefer cheddar or mozzarella cheese.

I noticed that there are a lot of couple who ordered stuffed fish to share among them on top of their usual plate of order, I think I shall do that too in my next visit!

Overall, James Foo Restaurant is a affordable western food cuisine with good services provided. I highly recommend for those who craves for western food but has a tight budget, just go to James Foo Restaurant and eat everything you craves for!

James Foo & family Western Food
21 Jalan Fettes Park,
11200 Penang,

contact number: +604-8993671

Opening hours:
1100-1400 daily
1700-2330 daily

homepage: facebook 

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