Saturday, February 23, 2013


hi all, I'm sorry for not carrying out my promise from the previous post, I didn't managed to update my blog in the previous vacation.

Time really flies, it's the recess week (i.e. mid term break) for this semester! It's my second semester in year 3, and then I will be doing FYP next semester, I really couldn't imagine it. The images of me in secondary school still fresh in mind, waking up early everyday going to school, talking and playing in the class, paying full concentration to the teachers teaching important subjects, dozing off in the class, highlighting every sentences the Sejarah teacher mentioned to copy in our "note book", waiting for the bell to ring, buying RM2 fried chicken from the canteen and eat in the lab, walking to the tuition center after class and etc etc...

All these precious memories will be faded in the future, but they will always refreshed when you attend gatherings with friends. For myself, I only managed to meet my friends during CNY as we do not share the same period of holidays. Social networks are good for getting in touch and catching up with friends! My personal favorite is whatsapp group, we talk random things in the group and updating each other about the happenings around us. It's really good to keep everyone together and knowing that there is always someone here to talk to.

Currently I have 7 gourps, but there are only 3 groups which are active, one is committee, one is among my neighbours, one is an inactive group and another one is basically dead.

My another favorite is Line by naver. The stickers are really cute and they do express your feeling exactly. Line is the communication used by my boyfie and me, we agreed that the bear (brown) resembles him and the rabbit (cony) resembles me, the stickers are too suitable for our use everytime we chat.
Another thing I like about line is it can be used on the computer too, so that when I am using my laptop, I can chat without reaching out for my phone, unlike whatsapp which can only be used on the phone. Moreover, there are games, free calls and many other things in line.

enough for promoting line and whatsapp. my beloved phone's camera spoilt!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! no more instagram for me :(  should I repair it? many friends say is not worth to repair...or should i wait until June to get a new phone?


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