Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A sore biochemistry story.

The story is about a mRNA, who felt lonely. So he pulled over a ribosome to translate himself a protein for company.

He said to the protein: Hi, I'm your template.
"Hi, I'm RNase." The protein replied.

There was silence for a very short while, and the mRNA continued: Never mind, I won't live for long anyway. Why not we spend some time together?
"Ok." The protein said.

Then they stood side by side for a while. Suddenly the protein said: Actually I'm not RNase yet.
mRNA: Er.
Protein: I'm now just a polypeptide.
mRNA smiled.
Protein: But I'll become real RNase very soon.
mRNA: It's ok. Eventually I'll die anyway.

Protein stayed close to mRNA. She slowly began to twist, fold and make up herself. She looked more and more like a real RNase. Meanwhile, the mRNA started to degrade.
Protein: I think I'd better leave, maybe you can live longer without me.
mRNA: Don't, don't leave. I have something to tell you.
mRNA: You know, I used to have a template as well, his name is DNA.
Protein: Where is he now?
mRNA: He has been sleeping for very long time. His promoter was switched off.
Protein: Who did that? Will he ever wake up again?
mRNA: It was me.
And then he smiled: But he will wake up. As long as I'm gone, he'll wake up.
mRNA continued: I remembered the time I was just transcribed, the DNA said to me, hi, I'm your template. I said, hi, I'm mRNA. Then he smiled and said, nice to meet you. Then he slowly fell asleep.

Protein didn't say anything.
"I missed him a lot." mRNA's voice started to fade, "I'm vanishing. If he wake up, and happen to meet you, would you say hi to him one more time for me?"
And then the mRNA was degraded.


DNA slowly woke up and saw a little protein standing by, looking at him carefully.
Protein: Hi, I am RNase.
DNA: Hi, I am DNA.
Protein: Hi.
Protein: This second Hi, is from mRNA.

DNA remembered, last time before he fell asleep, he just transcribed a mRNA, but he only said a hi before he fell asleep.
DNA: Where is the mRNA now?
Protein replied without an answer: mRNA said he missed you so much.
DNA smiled: I miss him as well.
Protein: He has already degraded.

Protein: But sometimes I would rather be like him.
DNA: Why?
Protein looked at DNA for seconds: Because you miss him as well.
Protein felt wet suddenly, he cried.....and the he hydrolyzed.


DNA finally transcribed another mRNA.
DNA: Hi. I am your template.
mRNA: Hi. I am mRNA.
DNA looked at him, softly said: You look like him, actually exactly the same.
mRNA: Who?
DNA: Oh, another mRNA I transcribed last time.
He paused and said: You two look just the same.....why......why am I still missing him so much?.....
DNA closed his eyes again...........


If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other, maybe it's better to just be an intron?


translated from "Salome, http://hi.baidu.com/salome_cfiwolf/blog/item/14b219bc062a300618d81fc2.html"

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