Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's Saturday night.
guess what??

It means holidays ENDed!!

I have wasted my 1 week holiday.
study for 10 minutes and then stay in front of computer for the rest of the day.

I can imagine the day I get my STPM result.
I'll cry, definitely.
cry because of getting such a bad result.

there is a saying goes "when you fail to plan,you plan to fail"
I did plan to study,but I fail to follow the plan.
I'm going to be so DEAD!

the results I get in trial exam already taught me a lesson but I'm still not learn from it. wth am I doing?! and for this I have to admit,I'm the laziest girl in the world. zzzzzzz

I don't want to be laziest girl. >.<

Please wake me up and make me have vigor to work hard.
Let me motivate myself.
If I work hard and score >3.5 in STPM,I can:
1. choose whatever course and Uni I want
2. have greater chance to get scholarship
3. study overseas?
4. get into the Uni I want
5. my parent will be happy and proud of me
6. the-great-teacher NJS will be surprised
7. lead a better life later
8. own anything I want
9. travel anywhere
10. register for marriage?

of course not the last one.

ok, now I have to get myself away from this super-addictive-marvelous-man-made-technology!!!

can you believe I can sit in front of this thing and poring around facebook and blogs for the whole day and night?
yea,It's true.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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