Friday, September 25, 2009

I thought about it

I won't criticize my good friend. I'll oppose anything wrong they say about my bestie.

I survived. silently.

I feel miserable. but then I remember they don't treat me as a friend of them to share their happiness and excitement.

I change my mood according to the people I face.

I don't abhor my friend but just dislike some of their behavior,so what the only thing I have to do is greet them.

I'm not a yes-man.

I talk and joke less with you.
talk more = more mistakes.
I don't wish to offend you.

When you are happy then I'm happy
when you are moody then I keep quiet.
I'm aware and careful all the time.

I chose to be quiet every time I feel miserable.
I'm ok with that.
and I let go everything after a good night sleep.

I wanted to remember all the good things about you but not the hurtful things you accidentally done on me.
so I'm ok after a good night sleep.

so yea,
I have got wrong and so do you.
I don't know when I offended you and yea,
you too, don't know how many times you make me feel sucks.
but I'm still ok with that,
because I know you don't know about it.
so I'm fine with that.
still right here, whenever you turn around to find me.

but yet,
you have too many good friend around you to turn to,
you don't need me thou.
It's ok.
I'm still here.

you are not the only people in my world,but you are the one who truly cares about me.
translate from what he said.

deep in my heart,I'm still taking you as my buddy


xoxo Jen xoxo

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