Sunday, August 2, 2009


helo people~
Waynie says my blog is dead. I'm sorry lar,I really don't know what to blog about,as my life is dull and its the same after all. I'm still studying in the boring-old-secondary-school for the 7th year. S-E-V-E-N years ok? The same life style, the same classrooms,the same buildings and the same hair style + outfit. Damm boring k? Moreover,what we form sixer need to do is study STUDY and STUDY. ><

ok,stop complaining.
Do you guys know Yasmin Ahmad? I just get to know her last week,Mr Goay said about her. She was a director,a great director. Her advertisments touched everyone's heart,despite of races,etnics. Remember all those festival greetings advertisment from petronas? She directed them. =)

Here's one of them,note that little boy. He is natural and cute!!

Yasmin Ahmad.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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