Monday, July 20, 2009


The 2nd bday post for this pretty lady!
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She is my best friend since form3,in girl guide,we were in the same patrol,we plan everything together as we are the only 'active' form3 in that team,bougainvillea patrol..
Then we danced together,did all the crazy things together during the dance competition(together with 6 others siao kia~),we also danced during caring week2006.(very high that time!)
Form 5,we went to tuition together,stay back together and often hang out together.
Year 2008,we went to work for 20 days together.. ><
Year 2009,we are still BEST FRIENDS!

my ahmi,miss WAYNIE

We decided to give her a surprise celebration,so I bake a cake(1st time!!),and Irene make her bday card. We supose to celebrate with her at the garden near her house,but something happened.

Well,these are the process of making a cake.Unfortunately,I forgot the take the pic of the cake.

ok,here comes the story. She went to Jusco for a hair cut,so Irene and me had to change our surprise celebration to Jusco car park. ==
I phoned her to tell her I left my keys in the car and so she had to come to the car park to find me. clever huh? hehe..
Then Irene hide in my car and lighted the candles.When I bring her to my car,she was surprised!! muahaha!!

We sang bday song,and blew the candles. And our celebration was done.Because there were people walking by and it was so HOT!

however,our last-minute-changed-plan is still success!!!

our birthday princess.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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