Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flame of the forest

We did a practical on Wednesday.The practical needs 2 species of flower,one was flame of the forest and another one was orchid.And so we went for flower hunting.

We went to Permatang Tinggi on Tuesday afternoon.The tree of flame of the forest was full of the flowers!! It's so nice! But we have to pluck them. ><

This guy pluck the stalk that don't have flower,swt.. ==

Choosing carefully,just like aunty buying vege at the market.haha! actually we all looks like that that day.

The flower that can be used.

Suddenly we saw a spider.very big in size and red in colour.
nothing special lar,hehe.

After a very short while,we have done our mission!
Miss lolo with the flowers!!

and yea,the practical is about reproductive organ,we need to disect the flower symmetrically and indentify the ovary and ovule.Then we got to draw them.This practical is the easiest and most relaxing practical we have ever done since lower6.(maybe our MrKTS were not that strict this time)

Bio students! you gotta train your drawing,you have to draw for your practical report.Sometimes with one eye looking into the microscope and another eye to see when you draw.

Biology is FUN!

xoxo Jen xoxo


C Guevara said...

were you the monitor who plucked all the flowers for the rest of your classmates?


enjoy biology! KTS Rocks!

Unknown said...

No I'm not..
The girl in red shirt is our monitor,and the guy in yellow shirt is the ass. monitor~