Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm still alive~

This article is full of words,no photo uploaded. I would appreciate lots if u finished it. =)

I'm still alive here.
my phone line had problem last week,
so I cant online.
can't believe I manage to alive without internet for 2 weeks.

Holiday starts today!!
but have to do revisions....
many of my teachers say don't watse this holiday,
have to revise all lower6 chapters.

my lao po coming back!!
1 week to go to meet him,see him,talk to him and hug him!!
I miss u so much,fast fast come back!!
although u come back for 1 week only,
but I want to do many thing with u!
°play kites together!!°
°snap many many pictures°
°belanja you eat subway,pizza.......°
°jogging together°
°play basketball + badminton°
°chit chat°
°watch moviessss°

so many things to do..
lao po,fast fast go buy kites 1st..
if not selling,you make one for me!

STPM and SPM results were out.
gratz to everyone took their results!
SPM results day,
everyone was having exam except us,lower6
so we have to help.
at first we suppose to sit in bilik persidangan and count the statistics
but that TanCE halau our class out and ask A1 to do those counting
we B1 have to sit outside and do some lame job.

saw many ppl that day.
many of them dyed their hair,
some was so lala.
some girls put on make up,very obvious that type. (my god!)
some boys put on perfume,sooooo... (my god again.)
some girls become prettier!
some boys become handsome.
most of them are rich
converse beg,nike shoes,adidas,fila....
I think not many will come back to form6.
or maybe will?
since the economy crisis now is so serious.
hard to say..

in the evening,
we played basketball in sch.
7 girls 7 boys.
very very nice game.
we played badminton too,on tuesday.
I ❤ badminton & basketball!

recently just like invicible.
I can use to it.
don't think too much,
just do what I should do.

I miss my lao po Teddy so much.
I miss my parent when I'm in sch n hostel.
I miss my house and pc also.
I miss my ahmi.
I miss my 4s9
I'm still happy even I'm alone
because I know,
I still have you all with me.

xoxo Jen xoxo

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