Saturday, February 7, 2009

my F6 again~

hey there
I'm back again.
reporting about my F6 life again,

this is a photo I captured in Irene's car after tuition,nice leh~

Wednesday we did our bio pratical again
but just trial,next wednesday will be the real practical
have many things to do in that experiment
we have to complete all in just 2 hours.
hmmmmm,I hope I can do it next week.

ok then after sch,
Irene and me went to buy come vege
and we cooked for our lunch together with weitee
I ❤ button mushroom!

the cintan mee~

hey,look here!

Irene fried egg together with mushroom
after lunch,
we rest and chat for a while
then went for jogging in the evening
just finish half round and we both were gasping for air
our stamina dropped since form4
(because committee no need run up run down what~ XD)

then the next day,
I'm in pain!
feel like dying.

ok here's my class CNY decorations~
did you saw that hand?
My man's hand,muahahaa!
the most beautiful pink flower was coloured by him,
know which??

here's our class,everyone's busying

hahahaha! they are not couple ok! Sam's teaching her lar

The knots I tied,so proud of myself,haha!
nolar,the dragonflies not done by me.

done by our miss ZhiLin

done by our Irene and WeiLian

the board,done by little PeiYing

the tree! done by ME and ZhiLin!!!

WeiLian's birds.. LOL

the back! so proud of myself and ZhiLin!!! XD

oh..still have the 风车 outside
but I didn't snap the photos.
very nice de lar~~
hope we can win lar.

recently I started to play facebook,
because of pet society,ahaha!
keep hearing ppl say abt pet society
so i decided to have a look
so cute!!
Here's my ted.
my man help me to dress up like this,nice leh!

my man's bibi,the bridge and the groom.. ❤

mmmuuuaaaaccckkkksssss!! hehehehe...

I miss u badly!!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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Maggie Wong said...

wow!! Show urs class coorperation! good then~! wish u guys can be the winner ya! haha