Sunday, February 8, 2009

✖ indians

err erhmm..
say ✖ to Indian..I mean..
✖ for being their neighbour.

I have reason for this ok.

❶the wall
see! they like to build their wall/fence very very tall I hate this! But in another way, its tall enough to seperate my house with their house, I don't like them!

❷the noise
when they have any festival or whatever celebration, they will be very noisy, but I respect them if they're loud because of prayers

❸their things

see all that things?!
huiyo! so ugly.
press on my dad's orchids, spoilt my house's plants. Saw that aerial? haizzz... speechless.

❹ to say?
The back of our house actually not belongs to us but they, Indians, built their stairs burnt all the plants there, what to do?


They caused a fire few days ago as i posted an article about it. FIRE

Here's the disaster they caused. Behind the playground.

ok done.
just wanna express my feelings

the breads that made by my mum~

xoxo Jen xoxo

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