Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hello there!
it's 10th January 2009 ady
Time passed so fast!!
I'm upper 6 ady!
and age 19 is waiting for me
but..I dunwan to leave age 18!!
18 years old should be the nicest,prettiest and the most special year for everyone
everyone keep saying
"I hope I'm 18............"
but then when you are 18 years old
it just feels like it's the same
the only thg is you're older and older
just doesn't feel young anymore
for me,I'm 18 years 1 month 2 weeks old
being 18 for me is just the same
studying in the same old sch with the terrible unconsiderate disiplin teacherSss!
having the same stupid extremely short hair style for the 7th year and also having it for the rest of my 18 years old.
and not forgetting being 18 years old can do many thgs legally,
for example sexual intercourse.

err herm! pls don't misunderstand.
saw a movie in hallmark last week,
saying about teenage mother.
it says:
you can have sex legally but it doesn't mean that you really can have sex for now
pls remember, you're still studying, not working!
don't think that you are really safe by doing all those safety precautions.
pls ask yourself before thinking of sex,
"do you have the courage to be pregnant and carry a baby in your stomach?"
"do you have the ability to work and take care of the child?"
"do you have the sense of responsible to being a mother to raise the child and wake up in the middle of night every 2 hours?"
"do you have the preparation of being left by your boyfriend and be a single mother?"

so,I strongly insist that we all should "try this thg" after married or maybe after you have those requirement on top. come i crap until there?
so far away..
oklar,just want to share wat the movie shows.
come back here..

My left neightbour is Indian!!!
OMG! they love to build their walls tall and tall!
thinking that tall = luxury, wealthy and nice
such a stupid statement,
for me,
tall walls = hot, hot and extremely hot
(exclusive of air-cond)
not nice at all!

for your info,their house is higher about 120m than my house.

my new hostel!
my new table~~
have a bigger table to study and do my homeworks now

my Jay~~~~looking at him make me regain my energy and initiative to study,LOL.

our bio projects have been completed and handed to our teacher
25 species of plants,
I jz helped to fill in the labels and stick the labels
actually i have few species in the stack of newspaper in my house
but didn't pass it to Jessie.

25 species of insects,
we actually caught more than 50 insects!!
because we are doing together,2 groups I mean
I'm pro in catching insects now
and...I dare to touch them now!!!

ecological study,
TK taip those experiments reports,table and graphs
I retaip them again
Irene draws the plants,design the front page
PY draws in pc
I draws some experiments pics,
done the whole project in book
OWL prints them
and finally I bind the project into a book.

Our insect box!!!
Irene designs it and do all the labels thing
she colours them background with crayon!!
very nice leh~
thank you, Irene!

my Teddy Lean came back from Melaka on Thursday!
he didn't tell me about that,
I tought he's coming back on saturday.
when I'm studying my Bio for the test on the next day,
we sms and talking about when he coming back
and nearly start to argue
but then,WT went outside to take her clothes
she shouted my name and told me she saw a strange animal or insect
I not sure what she's saying
when I walked out,I saw a white MyVi passed by
I tried to see the number plate but not manage to read it
then I keep asking WT what's the thg,where's the thg,
and in a sudden,
my tut tut Teddy Leanappear in front of me!
this time you really suprised me!
I love you very very much!

He accompanied me study my Bio
and then we went for twister fries!!
the next day,
we went for cheesy wedges,
I'm growing fatter and fatter!
pls don't always feed me.
although you don't mind I'm fat
I want to be slim lar!!
slim like your sister!

finally I'm ending all my crappings~
with my current look,
my study look...


xoxo JEN xoxo

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Waynie said...

hey arh girl..
syok liao a u....
he is back...n gv u a big surprise@.@
but i still have 2 face my stupid exam.
cny go out play 2gether har...
wait meeee...
so hiong a u~
not scare those insects anymore...