Sunday, June 21, 2009

the days with you

yea~ uploading about me and my bad dan..

1st of all,it's about doing mask~ my Teddy,his sister and me did face masks together..His sister apply the mask on my face and follow by him.. =)

After the mask section,they cook chicken chop for me,of cause not for me only lar,for the whole family. How serious are them,hehe..The chicken chop was so nice!! I want more!

Then on the 6th,we went to penang,together with his parent and sister..Went to 地母娘娘 and 睡佛there..

On the 10th,we went to Queensbay together.when I'm busy shopping,he was busy with PSP. ==
What was he looking at?
Rubik's cube larrr,he was trying hard to solve it,ehe..

hair band hair band~ so cute.... =D
in the evening,we went to pasar malam.
Concentrating on the road.

That's all lorr,lazy to write more..

I love you my almost-botak-small-eyes Teddy~ muakss!!! Faster come back yaaa...

Sony Ericsson Aino or W995..

xoxo Jen xoxo

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