Friday, May 1, 2009

My girl.

hey girl,
how r u today?

yesterday u gave me a shock u know?
then u gave me a sudden news.
when i know abt it,
i'm paralyzed.
but its his decision,
we cant do anythg..

but the memories,
u can keep it in ur heart.
It's a very nice n blissful memories u had be4,
I can feel u are truely happy that time,
n some of them,I'm in there too.
so my girl,keep it deep in ur heart,
take it out when u are fine,
but not now,

be strong girl,
but don't force urself too hard,
when u are weak,
I'm willing to spend my time to eat with u,
I'll not hesitate to buy you
chocolates,ice creams and 100plus.
so that u gain back ur energy,
to go through all these hard time.

u know,
when I saw ur 3am msg,
my heart hurts a lot,
I cant do anythg to help,
I can only wish u are alright.

I give u some times,
to recover,
promise me,
after that period of time,
u have to be happy,
and smile beautifully,
all truely from heart,

take care urself,
don't hesitate to find me,
whenever u need someone to talk to,
I'm here always.

lots of hugs and kisses..

xoxo Jen xoxo

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