Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm back to post about the reason of don't marry a lawyer as wife.
he says:
he knows a couple,who the wife is a lawyer and the husband is a successful business man.
but the husband dating another women, so the wife want a divorce
since she's a lawyer,she knows all the rules well.
she gets all the man's assets and left a little bit for the man only and she says:
the amount of money left for him is to pay for his death ceremony.

that's so cruel right?
that's what my tuition teacher said lar.

my lao po is back!!
I went to his house on Friday night to surprise him as I told him I'm at home.
unfortunately,his family had to go out and I had to open the door for him.
apparently,he already knew I was at his house.
no more surprise.

But I'm very happy because the 1st person he see when he arrived was me!
we hugged each other tightly.
at the moment,I felt so sweet,so warm.
the hug,the shoulder,the man I waited everyday every night.
the feeling was so.....unexplainable.
I'll appreciate the days you're here.

school starts tomorrow!
some more got sukan tara.
I can be with you everyday!!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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Maggie Wong said...

haha~ lawyer~!!! i wish i could be that lawyer tho~!! XD