Sunday, February 15, 2009

my valentine's day~

Yesterday got abit bad mood,
but after a while I'm totally ok!

14th Feb 2009
My valentine's day
morning went to the school achievement award ceremorny
my mum kissed me on the stage!
OMG,so pai seh
but I feel so bliss

bio class
we bluff our Mr KTS
we hide in the bio lab,
locked the door and whole class stayed quiet when he come
then we just see the door knob moved,and KTS sound "oi!!"
after a while,we opened the door and suprised KTS
LOL!! I just soo ❤ my bio class!

after school,
went back to hostel to cook porridge
wow~ so nice so nice!
Irene and WT like the porridge too
then we went to play basketball together with CS & JL
nice game,
me & CS  vs  Irene & JL
result___ 5 : 0

had dinner with my parents
so nice and so full!!
the dinner jz RM30
just very worth lar!

The fish~ sooo much flesh!

The 3 in one vege.

I received a parcel from my dear Teddy
he sent me chocolates.
bit disappoint lor because he didn't sent his handmade card
after I online,
he sent me his handmade slideshow
so nice!!
I you my dear!

we don't have to celebrate valentine's day on feb 14
our valentine's day were the days you back penang for holiday
those days for me were my valentine's day

The days you love me
The days I love you
The days we stay together
The days you are in my sight
The days you are in my mind
The days you are in my heart
Whatever days since you are here in my heart
It's Valentine's day!!

The best present for my valentine's day
is you are still staying with me,
loving me

Thanks my dear Teddy

14 Feb 2009 Valentine's day.
I passed the day together with my loved ones:
My family, my friends and my soulmate.
you all!

xoxo Jen xoxo

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